With 20 years of experience and close to 1000 artworks behind me, I meet challenges with knowledge and passion. If you asked my clients what I excel at, they would probably say that I can create worlds they want to visit and characters that inspire a second look. I create these hyper-real illustrations through the use of studio photography, 3D imagery, stock elements, and compositing these pieces together with 'wow' impact. I know how to work with budgets and timelines of all kinds, and I do it all in house (with the help of my super hot producer). You'll notice that my work stretches to many genres and I love how this challenges me always to think differently. You'll also see the vision behind the work-I aim for EPIC every time. Beyond bringing fresh creative to the table, my clients say that I consistently give great options on each project, that I'm on time, and a clear communicator throughout the creative process.  


Alloy Entertainment, Amazon Publishing, Apple Music, Audible, Basic Fun Toys, Busch Gardens, Cannonball Agency, Cirque Du Soleil, Disney/Hyperion, Electronic Arts, Hachette, Harper Collins, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, JUICE Pharma, MacMillan, Mattel Toys, New Balance Shoes, Random House, Scholastic, Sea World, Serino Coyne, Sight & Sound Theatres, Simon & Schuster, Sony Pictures, Spot NYC, St. Martin’s Press, Thomas Nelson, WIRED, Woodruff Sweitzer, Zondervan


  • Multiple editors choice awards on CGsociety.org 

  • Multiple 'Cream of the Crop' awards on E-on Software gallery

  • Artist interview with E-on Software

  • Winner of 'Best Archiviz Project' with Vray World

  • Artist interview with Vray World

  • Honorable mention for Humster3d Car Competition contest

  • Artist interview with Envision Gaming

  • Photo of the week Calumetphoto.com

  • Best two-image cover CoverCafe.com

  • Multiple EPA awards for editorial art


"Mike Heath always brings it.  No matter how complex our concept may be, or how big a challenge a book’s plot line is, Mike Heath brings ingenuity, unusual POVs, and creative brilliance to every photo-real cover he creates for us. 'This one is perfect for Mike Heath' is a common refrain when discussing artist commissions. And not only does he create arresting covers, but he is a dream to work with: clear with his ideas, and always on time. Magnus is truly awesome.”  Elizabeth Parisi & Team / SCHOLASTIC / Creative Director 

"Mike Heath is the kind of illustrator professional I love to work with: he's receptive, creative, and always manages to understand the heart of the work."  Jessica Tribble / AMAZON PUBLISHING / Editorial Team 

“Mike Heath is a supremely talented creative professional who has delivered on every challenge I’ve given him. He tackles creative briefs with gusto, often presenting ideas and solutions that I hadn’t even considered. And I really appreciate how timely and communicative he always is.”  Theresa Evangelista / RANDOM HOUSE / Art Director  

“Mike always dependably delivers unexpected and inspired art that hits the nail on the head.”   Eric Fuentecilla / PUTNAM BOOKS, PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE / Assoc. Art Director