New Section!

I've just published a personal works gallery! This section of work has one goal—to create realistic landscapes and architectural spaces—no people—just environments. A secondary goal is to make works that aren't overly fanciful or moody-just spaces that hopefully inspire a visit. As an illustrator/photographer, I'm more often than not inspired by a space long before I place people in it for a cover or ad. And when I am commissioned for a piece, I always begin with the environment and then ask myself how characters logically fit in the space. All work was rendered with Vray and modeled in Cinema 4D and Zbrush. 

Interview with E-on Software

I recently had the exciting opportunity of sharing my work process with E-on Software on their Cornucopia3D site. They were interested in hearing how I utilize their digital nature software for much of my workflow. You can read it here


I'm working on a Dutch art studio from the Renaissance period and i wanted to share my progress with you. I've really enjoyed studying the architecture from the time in trying to come up with a unique space. Here's my progress so far. Started with a more generic scene as i was building up my props and materials (the horizontal image below) then worked towards the final layout with more intentional Dutch cues like the crosshatched stained glass, warm wood trim and ceiling support etc. More to come as i relight the image and add in some foreground objects. The piece is to have an ominous feel but I like to start with more 'basic' lighting. Just added the moody lighting version just below.

thanks for looking!


 Moody version

Moody version

 Dutch Studio with final architecture and props

Dutch Studio with final architecture and props

 Prop building and general idea

Prop building and general idea

Forever Student

I believe, as an artist, the minute you no longer feel like a student of the trade you're screwed:) I think learning new tools is one of my favorite aspects of my job. Trying to push the envelope in the way things are created for my artwork is so important. Right now i'm switching over to Cinema 4D and Vray. These are more industry standards tools for 3D work (i know Maya or 3DS would be even better) than what i'm currently using (Vue) and I'm already so impressed at Vray and the kind of renders that come out of it. 

Typically when i begin a work, i do still life renders of the objects that will be in my final image to make sure they're looking realistic. Right now i'm working on a fairy tale image and there are all sorts of books and items from old stories like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White etc. So for this test, i did a quick motion camera test and I'd love to share it with you-


The Outlaw Tour

I had the opportunity to work with Ted Dekker again on a new video. This was to promote his speaking tour titled after his new book 'Outlaw'. This concept was truly a collaboration between Ted, Kevin and myself and I'm happy with the results. Watch video here

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 1.38.39 PM.png

A new look

It was time to take a new stab at presenting my work. It's been five years now of creating some really fun work for a lot of different clients and my hope is that this new site shows the diverse styles i've gotten to try and allows you to more quickly find what you want to look at! Thanks for looking. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 2.21.51 PM.png